The Greg Davidson Memorial Competition


The inaugural Greg Davidson Memorial Competition was held in 1980 to honour the memory of a club member and popular local identity. Greg was a talented sportsman who excelled at football cricket and tennis but loved nothing better than sharing waves with his mates at the back beach. Greg’s life was cut tragically short in 1977 when he was killed in a car accident after a party in the back beach sand dunes. His fatal mistake was to accept a lift rather than walk the short distance tohis family home. His life ended at the curve in the ocean road at the bottom of Bailieu St very close to the Glanuese track leading to the beach which we all hold sacred.His passing left a void in all who knew him and still affects those who were there on that fateful evening. But if nothing else it has reinforced the fragility and fleeting nature of life and the need for us to look out for one another.It doesn’t matter what board you ride, what school you go to or what car you drive, we are all LonnyBoys and Girls....No one gets left behind....Look after your mates....Remember Greg.